Pilot project long distance e-exam certification embryologists

ESHRE is happy to announce that an e-exam programme has been developed at the initiative of and in close collaboration with the Indian Fertility Society (IFS). The aim of this e-exam is to allow embryologists working outside of Europe to take the embryologist exams in New Delhi at the same time as the exams that will be arranged on the occasion of ESHRE 2018 in Barcelona. In other words, these participants will not need to travel all the way to Barcelona to take part in the 2018 embryologist exams, but will be able to participate on-site in New Delhi within a contained environment and from behind a computer screen. If successful, this initiative may be the first step in a more wide-spread online computerized exam procedure.

Fertility matters. The Fertility Week has just started

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“The time to start talking about fertility is now,” says our Chairman Dr Roy Farquharson in the press release. “We need to work together as specialist fertility societies and patient organisations to help open the door and promote an honest dialogue about fertility and medically assisted reproduction.”

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Underweight women are at greater risk of early menopause
Underweight women and women who were underweight as teenagers or in their mid-30s are at greater risk of experiencing an early menopause compared to lean or normal weight women, according to a study of nearly 80,000 women.

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